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Domain Settings

for self-managing domains

Most Radius sites choose Radius as their domain manager because it's easy, reliable, and cost effective. If you prefer to administer your domain yourself, you will be responsible for managing your own DNS hosting and renewing your domain. This requires technical knowledge and may incur additional expenses with your registrar. Furthermore, incorrect settings can keep your site from being seen. If you're feeling confident, the settings below will give you everything you need to point your domain in the right direction.

Step By Step

  1. Set up the following DNS records for the primary domain and any parked or pointer domains.

    1. Host name Record Type Address
      @ (or just leave blank) A
      www CNAME yourdomain.tld*
      *NOTE: this is a placeholder, and you should use your particular domain, making sure to put in place the correct .org, .com, .net, .etc. 'TLD' is a catch-all, standing for Top Level Domain.
  2. If you will be using Radius for email...

    1. set up the following two MX records.

      Host name Address Pref
      @ (or just leave blank) 10
      @ (or just leave blank) 20
    2. set up the following CNAME record.

      Host name Record Type Address
      autodiscover CNAME
  3. If you are using an SPF record to control email spoofing, add before the -all. Please contact us for assistance.

If you’d rather not administer your domain yourself, or if this information seems foreign, please contact us and have us transfer your domain.