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Text Editing Styles and Templates

Included in your site's text editor are a variety of pre-built styles and templates that will help you create great-looking content. There are also tools available to give you even more control over your content. This article discusses a few of the options available.

Content Templates

  1. To get started with content templates, insert your cursor in the place you want your content to go.

  2. Next, click the () icon in the toolbar.

  3. The dialog that comes up provides a list of different starter templates available.

  4. Choose your preference to get a content layout to get you started.
    Note that "Replace actual contents" will remove all content on the page.

  5. Replace any starter text, double-click on placeholder images to replace them, or begin typing what you want into the new area.

Styling Adjustments

  1. To get started, select the text you want to style.

  2. Click the styles button to see the pre-set styles.


    1. Block styles apply to a whole block of text.
    2. Container styles will wrap the text in a styled container.
    3. Inline styles apply to a small selection of text.
    4. Link styles apply to links you select.
    5. Image styles apply to images you select.
  3. Choosing a style will affect that text, text block, link, or image.

  4. You can also use the text styles to make individual adjustments.

    1. are your basic styles.

    2. and can be used to change the text color and background color.

    3. allows selection of a different font. Keep in mind that not all fonts will display the same on all devices due to font availability and rendering differences.

    4. allows the size of the font to be changed. Keep in mind that excessive font size may cause display issues on phone-sized devices.

    5. line-height of the text to be changed for more space between text lines.

    6. allows the spacing between letters to be extended for a stylistic effect. Keep in mind excessive letter spacing may cause display issues on phone-sized devices.

  5. Combine styles for unique designs.