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Add A Form

Forms are an advanced feature that allows your site visitors to submit information to you through your web site. Online forms function largely like printed forms, but offer the benefits of reduced user error, more complete submissions, and convenience for the person completing the form. In addition, the form submission arrives to you in electronic format, eliminating the need to type in submission data.

Step by Step

Because of the complex nature of forms, it is not possible for you to create them from scratch. However, you can duplicate an existing form, then edit its properties. For those instances when an entirely new form is needed, we will be happy to provide a quote for building a new form on your site.

  1. To edit a form, first click on the Forms tab, then click on the Manage Forms link.
    Manage Forms

  2. Click    Add Form   button above the form listings in order to duplicate it based on the form templates that have already been created.
    Add Form

  3. A window will pop up with a list of your form templates, click   Add    next to the form you wish to duplicate
    Add Form Window

  4. The form will then be duplicated and "Copy of [ form name ] [ timestamp ]" will now exist as a new form you can edit from the Manage Forms screen.